Blizzard Reveals Hearthstone Demographics

While it may be discouraging to hover in around Rank 20 in Blizzard Entertainment’s online card battler Hearthstone, players who do so shouldn’t be too disheartened. According to demographic info revealed by the developer, they’re in the same position as the majority of Hearthstone players.

Blizzard shared an infographic (below) revealing that an overwhelming 75% of all Hearthstone players fall between Rank 25 and Rank 15. A much smaller 17.5% lie somewhere between Rank 15 and Rank 10, 5.5% between Rank 10 and Rank 5, and a minuscule 2% within the top five ranks. The rarified air of the Legend rank has only been pierced by 0.5% of the playerbase.


“Whether you’re a Legend or an Angry Chicken or anywhere in between,” Blizzard encourages players, “Hearthstone players are passionate about the game, creative in deck-building, and best of all – a part of the ever-growing Hearthstone community.”

“If you ever feel that your Rank in Ranked Play is the end all, be all of Hearthstone, don’t worry – you’re doing better than you think!”