Bungie Announces Destiny Event Weekends

Not content to let newly-launched online shooter title Destiny rest on its laurels, Bungie today announced a series of in-game events designed to keep Guardians busy even if they’ve already completed the main story.

Starting tomorrow, 12 September 2014, the Salvage event weekend calls on players to take part in the game’s Crucible PvP playlist to obtain rare artifacts to exchange for gear, currency and reputation. Additionally the game’s first raid area, Vault of Glass, opens to players on 16 September. Located on below the surface of Venus, the raid is designed for six players at level 26 and awards endgame gear and crafting materials.

Bungie also announced three more events planned for the coming weeks, including two in September called Combined Arms and Queen’s Wrath. In October, the Iron Banner PvP event is scheduled to begin.