Destiny Loot Cave

Bungie Shutters Destiny’s “Loot Cave”

Destiny’s infamous “Loot Cave,” a popular farming location for Guardians looking for quick loot and cash, has been shutdown. Bungie rolled out a patch this morning to address the phenomenon as well as other game issues.

The Hotfix 5 patch has reduced the respawn rate for monsters on Earth, Venus and Mars that led to the popularity of “cave farming.” Players would camp a monster-spawning cave and slaughter monsters as they emerged. Some caves had respawn timers as low as six to ten seconds, providing a steady and lucrative stream of items, engrams and glimmer to patient Guardians. Hotfix 5 increased these timers to forty seconds, which should discourage players from spending their time firing bullets into the darkness (as opposed to into The Darkness.)

Bungie also addressed a number of community concerns regarding weapon balance, loot discovery, and social engagement in a blog post that lays out their plans for future updates for Destiny.