Patch 6.0 To Transition Justice, Valor Points to Gold

The upcoming systems update patch for World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor will remove Justice and Valor points from the game. The gear currently purchasable with Justice and Valor points will transition to gold, while item upgrades and Warforged Seals will be available for Lesser Charms of Good Fortune. Items transitioning to gold currency include heirloom gear used to enhance XP gain. The Justice payout in dungeons and the Valor payout in raids will be replaced with “a hefty sum of gold” to offset the currency shift.

Blizzard has indicated that this change will only affect PvE-centric Justice and Valor points; PvP Honor and Conquest currencies will be untouched.

As a consequence of the removal of Valor in patch 6.0, the quest Test of Valor from the Mists of Pandaria legendary quest chain will be removed as well. Players will still be able to complete the chain and obtain their legendary cloak without the Test of Valor requirement.

There has been no indication of whether existing pools of Valor and Justice points will be converted to gold when patch 6.0 goes live.