SWTOR Expansion 3.0 Announcement Imminent

Sometime later this month, BioWare will reveal the second expansion for their free-to-play MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, with a teaser trailer possibly dropping next week.

Senior Producer Bruce MacLean responded in a forum thread on the game’s official site to speculation about the upcoming expansion:

“We’ve been holding back 3.0 details because . But now that Forged Alliances is out there with this morning’s launch of 2.10 we’re letting folks have a little time with Rakata Prime and then spilling the beans on 3.0. Look for a teaser within the week, and then a full announce [sic] before the end of the month!”

The 3.0 expansion will be the second of two content additions to the game this year. The first, Galactic Strongholds, granted players the ability to make customizable homes and was released to subscribers on 19 August. Galactic Strongholds will roll out to all players this October.