Terraria Under Development for Mac OS and Linux

Re-Logic, the studio behind Terraria, is working on ports of their 2D adventure sandbox to Mac OS X and Linux.

Development has been ongoing over the last 18 months according to a post on the game’s official website. In addition to sharing two teaser screenshots, Re-Logic announced that the Mac and Linux versions f the game will be free to players who already own the Windows PC version on Steam. The ports will be able to share character and world files with the Windows version, and multiplayer servers will allow players on all three platforms to play together.

No launch date was announced, and Re-Logic was careful to note that these ports may end up being development dead-ends. However, they reassured their fans on Linux and Mac that they’re being diligent about bringing Terraria to their platforms of choice.

Terraria launched for Windows PC in 2011. It is currently also available on PlayStation 3, XBox 360, PlayStation Vita, as well as iOS, Windows Phone and Android mobile devices. It is expected to launch on PlayStation 4 and XBox One sometime before the end of 2014.