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World of Warcraft 10th Anniversary Event Details Revealed

Blizzard Entertainment announced details regarding the upcoming 10th anniversary of World of Warcraft, including the Hillsbrad deathmatch PvP battleground and the level 100 40-player Raid Finder version of Molten Core.

Molten Core was one of the only two raid instances in Blizzard’s venerable MMORPG at its 2004 launch (the other was Onyxia’s Lair), and featured massive lava-filled caverns filled with fire elementals, salamanders, and the Firelord Ragnaros himself. Starting 21 November and ending 6 January 2015, a revamped version of Molten Core will be open for group of forty level 100 players. The raid will include updated loot and a shot at a Core Hound mount off Ragnaros.

The Hillsbrad battleground looks to bring back the Southshore vs. Tarren Mill battles royale of Classic WoW, and will have level 100 and 90-99 brackets available for play. Winning in the battleground will bestow a faction-specific title.

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor releases on 13 November 2014.