The Cryptarch

Destiny Patch 1.0.2 Ends Cryptarch’s Reign of Terror; Brings Loot Consistency

Bungie today deployed patch 1.0.2 for Destiny across all four console platforms, addressing a number of issues and making sweeping changes to Engrams.

Engrams are unidentified items dropped by slain enemies and found in treasure chests throughout the game. Like other loot, they come in various rarities that are expressed via color: uncommon (green), rare (blue), legendary (purple). Players take engrams to an NPC vendor known as the Cryptarch to have these items identified.

Since the game’s September launch, engrams had a chance to become an item of its own rarity or lower. The probability of a rare or legendary engram becoming a lower-quality item was very high, frustrating many players who obtained a legendary engram only to receive a rare or uncommon item. Farming enemies via “loot caves” became a popular activity for players looking to increase their yield of useful items through sheer volume, but Bungie reduced the viability of loot caves with a hotfix last week.

As of patch 1.0.2, engrams will always become items of the same rarity. Also, additional rewards have been added to the game’s Strike playlists and the daily and weekly Heroic missions. Full patch notes are available at Bungie’s official website.

Destiny launched 9 September 2014 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, XBox 360 and XBox One.