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Destiny’s Iron Banner PvP Event Starts Today

A special week-long Crucible event starts today in Bungie’s Destiny. The Iron Banner features special PvP playlists, exclusive items, and allows players to exercise the full might of their level and gear for the first time in player-vs-player matches.

Standard PvP matches in the game’s Crucible mode normalize players’ items and levels, leveling the playing field so that skill and teamwork is the most influential factor to victory. Under the Iron Banner, however, this normalization is disabled and should provide players with high-end equipment a noticeable advantage in the week’s events.

The Iron Banner features a new reputation grind that unlocks rep-boosting emblems, shaders and class items on the way to Rank 3, at which point new armor and additional cosmetic items become available to the dedicated PvPers who get that far.

The Iron Banner event runs from today, 7 October, until 14 October 2014.