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How to Join the Hammer Gaming Destiny Clan

It’s officially a month since Activision and Bungie launched Destiny, and we have a clan ready for brave Hammer Guardians to work together to defend Earth and push back the Darkness! Bungie saw fit to leave clan management features out of the game itself, however, and some have expressed confusion about how to join up and wear the [HG] tag with pride. Today, we show you how it’s done.

  1. Head to Sign-in
    The Bungie website is now the portal for Destiny news, announcements and player account management. Login with your PlayStation Network of XBox LIVE account, and your Destiny account will be loaded up with your character stats, grimoire cards, and play history.

    The portal and the Destiny Companion mobile app are great ways to keep up with your goals, upcoming milestones, and your friends!

  2. Join the Hammer Gaming group
    Hammer Gaming Destiny Group has a concept of groups for communties of gamers such as ours. Within groups, there are platform specific clans: one for PlayStation consoles, another for XBox consoles.

    Click the “Request Join” button at the link above to become part of the Hammer Gaming group. For existing Hammers, we’ll approve your request as soon as possible, usually within a few hours.

  3. Join our PlayStation or XBox clan
    Click the appropriate link above and click the “Set as Playstation Clan” or “Set as XBox Clan” button.

That’s all there is to it! It’s not as straightforward as the in-game clan system that we’d all like to have, but it’s only a minute or two of clicking around before you go back to fighting the Darkness. See you out there, Hammers!