Star Citizen Hornet Dogfight

Star Citizen Sets Crowdfunding Record at $55M, Updates Arena Commander

Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen has officially crossed the US$55 million crowdfunding barrier. In his latest letter Roberts announced that the project, previously in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest crowdfunded game of all time, has now become the largest crowdfunded endeavor of all time.

Not content to merely set records, developer studio Cloud Imperium has released the latest patch to Star Citizen‘s Arena Commander module. The v0.9.1 update adds customizable keybindings to the dogfighting simulator, allowing pilots to rearrange their controls on keyboard, mouse, gamepads and joysticks.

The update also contains a fix to multi-GPU display driver support for SLI/Crossfire users, and backers may now select which of their ships will appear in the hangar for use. Full patch notes, including balance changes and bug fixes, are available on the official website.