PlayStation 4 Update 2.01 Rolling Out To Fix Rest Mode Bug

Seeking to address a console-disabling bug in the 2.00 firmware update for PlayStation 4, Sony is currently rolling out Update 2.01 to device owners via PlayStation Network.

Released on 28 October, the 2.00 “Masamune” update added YouTube integration, user interface themes, and music playback from USB storage devices to Sony’s latest console. The update introduced a rather severe issue for some users, however, rendering some consoles unable to be restarted after being placed in “rest mode,” a low-energy mode that lets the device continue to connect to the Internet and download content while not actively in use.

In addition to the “rest mode” issue, the update also delayed last week’s “big alpha” for Turtle Rock & 2K’s co-op shooter Evolve due to issues running properly on the new firmware.