About The Hammer

The Hammer is a social gaming community founded on the idea that a tight-knit group of people who enjoy playing with one another is the most valuable thing in gaming.

Originally founded as a World of Warcraft guild in 2007, the Hammer has since diversified into other games (both online and off) while remaining a close community. The Hammer is always looking for mature, friendly gamers who are looking for fun, adventure and the camaraderie of friends.

What Games Do You Play?

As of August 2016, our primary games are Mojang’s Minecraft alongside Blizzard’s Overwatch (PC) and World of Warcraft. In addition, there are semi-regular Hammer ventures into Elite: Dangerous, Diablo 3, Rocket League, and sizeable sub-communities around single-player experiences like No Man’s Sky, Kerbal Space Program, and many other games. There is a high likelihood that if you enjoy a particular game you’ll find someone in the Hammer community who would love to discuss it and play it with you.

Why Is There An Application?

We have spent several years building our community to be one where folks generally get along, play well together and truly enjoy their time together. To safeguard that carefully crafted environment, we require that all new community members submit to a quick and easy application process.

How To Become A Hammer

The process consists of three steps:

Step 1: Application
Fill out and submit a brief questionnaire detailing your gaming background, play style and desired community environment.
Step 2: Interview
Should your application be accepted, a Hammer representative will approach you via some form of real-time messaging; usually this is done via in-game chat channels or, rarely, via instant messages. The representative will ask questions about your application and generally gauge the kind of addition you are likely to make to our community.
Step 3: Provisional Membership
If the interview goes well, you will be invited to join the Hammer community on a provisional basis. Consider this your formal try-out. Over the course of two weeks, we’ll interact and play together. If you’re a great fit, you’ll be extended full membership.