55: Prime Citizen

Blizzard's president moves on, Chinese game experiments with face recognition, Toys R Us may come back, and Fallout 76 skipping cross-play. WRUP Destiny 2: Forsaken Factorio »

54: There's Always Confetti

Telltale & PS Vita shutting down, Pathfinder playtest moving on, Sony's resistance to cross-platform caving in, and Roll20 blowing up. WRUP Destiny 2 Factorio Minecraft Overwatch holedown »

53: Thiccc & Fluffy

Fortnite's ruining marriages, Nvidia is disappointing reviewers, and Nintendo is eating everyone's lunch.WRUPDestiny 2: ForsakenFactorioBeat SaberJoe clears Country Rounds on ExpertJinawee clears Gagnam Style on »

52: Powered By Chickens

MMO aquisitions and shutdowns. Tabletop RPG releases and playtests. National Video Game Day... maybe? WRUP Minecraft Skyfactory Joe and Todd's Skyfactory World 1, 2, 3 Oxygen »

51: On The Massage Table

PAX West Recap, Generation Zero Accused of Art Plagiarism, and Destiny 2 Forsaken Impressions. WRUP Minecraft Skycraft Feed The Beast World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth »