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Massively: SWTOR Guilds Need More Love

Noticing that some of the guild-related niceties and conveniences you’re accustomed to in other MMOs are sorely missing from Star Wars: The Old Republic? You’re not alone.

A few weeks back, I wrote about the impressive pre-launch guild system in Star Wars: The Old Republic, pointing out that not only is it wildly popular but that it indicates that BioWare recognizes the validity of guilds. So it surprised me when I began to slowly notice the absence of various guild features and tools that I’ve grown accustomed to seeing in other games, tools that are almost a necessity in this day and age.

Massively’s Karen Bryan goes on to list a series of guild-friendly features she hopes to see added to the game. This caught my eye:

Whoever worked on the pre-launch guild deployment system did a fantastic job and should be put to work right away to add a similar feature in-game. There are plenty of guilds recruiting, but right now it’s limited to the chat channels, official forums, and guild websites. To me, that’s pretty clunky and archaic, and it surprised me that the game had a terrific database during pre-launch that contained a decent guild search and application system, and yet there’s nothing like that in-game, where it’s needed most.

I’ve wondered the same thing myself. It seemed silly and wasteful to build such a great guild management and recruiting tool pre-launch, only to scrap it all once the game went live.