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BioWare Posts New Player Video Guides

On Friday, BioWare published the first in a series of video guides on the New Player Guide section of the Star Wars: The Old Republic site geared toward helping new players get into the month-old MMO. “Begin Your Journey” features BioWare’s Social Media Coordinator, Eric Musco, demonstrating to players the process of selecting a desirable server and creating their first character.

SWTOR Patch 1.1.0b Released, Ability Delay Fixed

As part of weekly maintenance, BioWare has rolled out patch 1.1.0b for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The update contains a number of bug fixes and optimizations, most notably an improvement to the ability delay issue that has been plaguing many players. Sources on Reddit and elsewhere report that perceived delay when activating player abilities has been drastically lessened.

Further, Georg Zoeller, BioWare’s Lead Combat Designer for SW:TOR, posted on the official forums to assure players that further fixes and refinements are coming. Such improvements include clearer ability cooldown animations, more accurate cast bars, and better synchronization between ability activation and character animations.

Patch 1.1.0b Patch Notes
Georg Zoeller’s Post in “Delays are gone!”, SWTOR Official Forums