Hammer of Go’el

Hammer of Go’el is our World of Warcraft guild. We are a casual Horde-side guild on the Moon Guard RP-PvE server. Building on the Hammer traditions started years ago on another realm, Hammer of Go’el seeks to create a fun and exclusive adults-only gaming environment where the person is more important than the player. Most of our members are working adults who don’t always have the time for the grueling raiding schedules of hardcore progression guilds. World of Warcraft and Hammer of Go’el are our refuge to escape the day-to-day drama of work, family, school, etc. and we want all our members to feel comfortable and welcome.

While we are interested in progression, we are a social community first. We are not compelled to accept players just to fill out the ranks for raids and the like. We are looking for members who wish to join us and stay with us as we continue to explore the game and its content, work on Heroic 5-mans and raids, and just horse around in-game. Understand that, as we run new content, we are learning. There will be days when we wipe all night attempting to master an encounter. We are OK with that learning process, and if you wish to join us you should be as well.

The following cannot be overstated: We do not want guild-hoppers

Do not apply to Hammer of Go’el if you feel you need guild perks or a guild tag over your head while you wait to hear back from some other guild, or because you want to get yourself geared up so you can get into the progression guilds. Guild are an important part of the MMORPG experience, and we want no ill-will between Hammer of Go’el and any of the find guilds that make up Moon Guard’s Horde community.

We are currently recruiting all classes and levels. There are no other in-game requirements for being a member of the guild other than respecting your fellow players and being possessed of common sense. We want to be silly and have fun, but we want this to also be a pleasant community for all our members. Even though fun is the name of the game, maturity is equally important. In keeping with this and in light of the fact that we are a community of working adults, we ask that applicants be at least 18 years old. Some exceptions may be made with proper consideration of the guild officer corps.

Some suggestions for aspiring applicants:

  • If you wish to play with the Hammer, make sure you have TeamSpeak 3 installed and configured on your computer. A microphone is not required, but is strongly preferred; one of the best parts of our community is voice chatter on our TeamSpeak server.
  • Be honest about your skills, experience, and gear. Do not feel pressured to make yourself look unrealistically amazing. We want good people more than we want good players.

If you have read the above and still wish to talk to a recruiter and see of Hammer of Goel is right for you, click the button below!